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SA Junior & Faculty Members Teach Kids to Fish in Deerfield Beach

Sean Burk teaching fishing

Sean Burk '25, president of the SA Fishing Club, recently organized a community service event on Saturday, December 2, introducing a dozen Boys & Girls Club members to the fun of fishing at the Deerfield Beach International Fishing Pier.  

Sean was assisted in this endeavor by Saint Andrew’s science teacher, Mr. John McLeod, who has a degree in fisheries management and is an avid fisherman, and Mr. Jim Scheidegger, a math and astronomy teacher at Saint Andrew’s.

That Saturday, Sean, Mr. McLeod, and Mr. Scheidegger brought rods and reels for the kids. “We taught them different terms for fishing tackle, how to tie certain knots, names of species of fish, and most importantly, taught them how to use a rod and reel,” said Sean. 

“For many of the students, this was the first time they had ever been fishing,” added Mr. McLeod. “The excitement over catching even a small fish was awesome.”

Mr. Scheidegger noted that the event was very memorable due to the many excited screams from the kids every time they hooked or reeled in a fish. 

Sean had been involved with the Boys & Girls Club in Deerfield Beach, as it is close to his home and the fishing pier. When he expressed interest in holding a fishing day for kids who might want to learn how to fish, the staff at The Boys & Girls Club were thrilled. Sean’s idea was so well received that Alan Goldberg, a member of the Boys & Girls Club's Board of Directors and a trustee of the Goodwin Foundation, donated $1,000 to the Boys & Girls Club to help give back to the community and in honor of this event. Some of that money will go towards buying fishing equipment for the Boys & Girls Club. Mr. Goldberg also attended the event on Saturday to see the kids in action as they learned how to fish. Sean is looking forward to holding more fishing events like this one in the future. 

Saint Andrew’s School is proud of Sean, Mr. McLeod, and Mr. Scheidegger for taking time out of their weekend to share their skills with others in our local community. 

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